Inquire | Play | Connect

Imagine a place where childhood is rediscovered...

A place where children inquire.
Where the environment provokes wonder and places value on possibility. Where children’s natural curiosity drives them to investigate and question the world. A place where children and adults are partners and together
embrace the beauty of the unknown.

A place where children play.
Where children are deserving of a childhood. Where children have unrestricted time to play, without adult agendas and predetermined outcomes. A childhood rich in sensory experiences. A place where learning involves healthy risk and children construct an understanding of their world and their place within it.

A place where people connect.
Where children develop a compassionate relationship with the natural world. Where children have endless opportunities to explore and discover in profound ways. A place with deep community connections where children are valued contributors and view themselves as such. Where listening inspires dialogue and children’s words and ideas are visible.

Imagine a place where childhood is celebrated...

This is Rediscovering Childhood.